Assistant Instructor Dive Skills Workshop

This workshop aims to enhance the dive skills of the Assistant Instructor candidate to the level of exemplary demonstration.

The candidate must demonstrate all 22 scuba and snorkelling skills listed below. They must score at least a 3 on each skill. Additionally, they need to receive a total score of at least 80 points, with at least one underwater skill scoring a 5.

Conducting The Workshop

  • Explain to candidates the characteristics of skills of demonstration quality, emphasising the importance of exaggerating the critical attributes.
  • Have them demonstrate each skill and provide opportunities for them to practice.
  • Once candidates have practised, ask them to demonstrate each skill and assign a score. If necessary, provide additional support until they meet the required level of performance.


1. Assembling equipment, preparing for use, putting on and disassembly

2. Pre-dive check

3. Deep water entry

4. Buoyancy check

5. Snorkel to regulator exchange

6. 5-point descent

7. Regulator recovery and clearing

8. Mask removal and replacement

9. Air depletion

10. Alternate air source stationary followed by ascent

11. Free flow regulator

12. Fin pivot

13. 5-point ascent

14. Hover using oral inflation (1 minute)

15. No mask swim

16. Weight removal and replacement at the surface

17. BCD removal and replacement at the surface

18. Snorkel dive

19. Low-pressure inflator disconnect and reconnect

20. Emergency weight drop

21. Lift Bag Use

22. Rig and deploy a line and buoy for a controlled descent

Updated on 21 June 2024