Deep Diver Training Dive 1: Introduction to Deep Diving

What skills are required for Deep Diver Training Dive 1?

  • Buoyancy and Trim Check: Start with a buoyancy check at depth to understand how pressure affects buoyancy. Focus on fine-tuning trim and buoyancy control.
  • Basic Navigation Skills: Practice basic underwater navigation skills at depth, using compass and/or natural navigation.
  • Depth Acclimatisation: Gradually acclimate to the increased pressure and reduced light. This dive should be shallower than the subsequent ones, ideally around 20 to 25 metres.
  • Colour Changes: Using a simple colour chart, observe the initial changes in colour perception at this relatively shallow depth, particularly noting the fading of reds and oranges.
  • Air Management: Monitor air consumption, noting the difference in consumption rates at deeper depths.
  • Monitor No-Decompression Limits

What is the recommended depth range for Deep Diver Training Dive 1?

Updated on 23 April 2024