Statement of Understanding

DiveSmart Agreement

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Scuba diving / snorkelling / freediving is an incredible way to spend time exploring the world beneath the surface. We all love it, and look forward to sharing some time in the water with you. But before we dive in, below is an outline of some of the important safe diving practices that all participants need to be aware of. This is not everything, but is an overview of basic standards that we want all our participants to be aware of, and to agree to.
As a diver/snorkeller/freediver I agree to:
Me, and my physical and mental wellbeing*
Before I jump in, and on the day*
Respect for the environment*
I understand that the above points are the basic standards that I need to follow in order to safely undertake my activity. I agree to adhere to these, and to use a reasonable standard of care for myself, others and the environment.