Divemaster Course Practical Skills Workshop

What is the Practical Skills Workshop on the Divemaster Course?

The seven Practical Skills Workshops equip candidates with the necessary abilities to perform their duties effectively as Divemasters.

Divers who hold a Deep Diver certification do not need to complete this workshop.

It’s recommended to have four divers if logistics allow.

Benchmark Score
Outstanding in all aspects. Quick and efficient in emergency handling, exceptional leadership, clear communication, and adheres to safety standards. Exhibits strong professionalism. 5
Strong performance in most areas. Good problem-solving, leadership, and communication, with minor areas for improvement. Confident and effective overall. 4
Basic competence in scenario management. Adequate problem response, decision-making, and group control, but with room for improvement in execution and confidence. 3
Some skill understanding but challenges in managing scenarios effectively. Inconsistent leadership and communication, with noticeable areas needing improvement. 2
Struggles significantly with problem handling, leadership, decision-making, and safety adherence. Lacks effective emergency response and group management, or the excercise was not completed. 1

Divemasters should be able to perform minor repairs on scuba equipment

Updated on 22 April 2024