Divemaster Practical Evaluation

What is the Divemaster Practical Evaluation?

The Divemaster Practical Evaluation consists of four exercises to evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform the standard duties of a Divemaster

Benchmark Score
Successfully achieved the goal without any mistakes and was able to anticipate the needs of both the instructor and the diver. 5
Successfully achieved the goal without committing any errors and with minimal assistance from the instructor or staff. 4
The objective was achieved satisfactorily, with only a few minor errors. The instructor only provided brief reminders or suggestions for corrections. 3
The individual fully comprehends the tasks needed to achieve the goal. Still, there were notable mistakes or missing elements. The instructor had to step in and provide guidance to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 2
Multiple significant errors and omissions were made while attempting to meet the objective or the objective was not met. 1
Updated on 22 April 2024