Rescue Diver Scenarios

What are the scenarios for the Rescue Diver course?

Considerations for the Rescue Diver Course Scenarios

  • When creating scenarios, strive to make them as realistic as possible while adhering to reasonable logistical and safety standards. 
  • Adjust scenarios to fit the environment and the number of students in the class. Students can work together in teams or individually to complete these scenarios. 
  • Use course assistants who can act as bystanders, EMS operators, divers, or victims during role‐playing exercises.
  • It is recommended to have standard equipment such as first aid and oxygen kits readily available. However, divers should be allowed to set up and place the equipment.
  • Repeating scenarios and switching roles among team members may be necessary to boost confidence and enhance rescuer performance. 

Scenario 1 ‐ Unresponsive Diver Underwater

Scenario 2 — Unresponsive Diver at the Surface:

Updated on 9 May 2024