Guided Diver Confined Water Skill Objectives

Required objectives for completion of Guided Diver Confined Water Skill dives

Mask Skills

Partial Mask Flood and Clear: Manage a partially flooded mask underwater and effectively clear water from the mask to maintain clear vision and comfort during the dive.

Fully Flooded Mask Clear: Clear a fully flooded mask underwater

Mask Removal and Replacement: Remove and replace the mask underwater, manage breathing without the mask, and effectively clear the mask upon replacement.

No Mask Breathing: Breathe from a regulator without a mask for one minute

Buoyancy Skills

Neutral Buoyancy: Fine-tune buoyancy using the BCD and breathing techniques

Hover: Using buoyancy control, maintain a stable hover position for 30 seconds underwater.

Snorkel Skills

Snorkel Clearing: Clear water from the snorkel while at the surface

Snorkelling Dive: Execute a snorkelling dive, including efficient resurfacing techniques.

Snorkelling Team Skills: Perform snorkelling team procedures for snorkelling.

Snorkel Swim: Swim efficiently while breathing from a snorkel

Equipment Skills

Disconnect and Reconnect LPI: Disconnect and reconnect the low-pressure inflator (LPI) hose underwater.

Removal and Replacement of Weight System at the Surface: Remove and replace the weight system while at the surface.

Emergency Weight Drop: Perform the emergency weight drop procedure while at the surface.

Re-securing a Loose Cylinder Band: Securely reattach a loose cylinder band underwater.

Regulator Skills

Breathing Underwater: Breathe comfortably and continuously through a regulator underwater, maintaining calm and controlled breathing.

Regulator Clearing: Clear water from the regulator by exhaling and using the purge button, ensuring the ability to breathe easily and manage minor issues without surfacing.

Regulator Recovery: Recover the regulator from behind the shoulder and resume breathing underwater.

Alternate Air Source Ascent: Perform out-of-gas simulation with their buddy and ascend to the surface in a controlled way, using an alternate air source. Act both as donor and receiver.

Snorkel to Regulator Exchange: Transition from breathing from a snorkel to breathing from a regulator.

Air Depletion: Respond correctly to air depletion by signalling out of air.

General Skills

Equalisation Techniques: Master various techniques to equalize ear and sinus pressure safely during descent and ascent, preventing discomfort or barotrauma due to pressure changes

Predive Check: Conduct a comprehensive predive safety check, covering the BCD, weights, releases, gas supply, and final OK

Controlled Descent: Descend smoothly and safely to the planned depth, without impacting the underwater environment.

Ascent: Ascend in a controlled manner

Updated on 8 May 2024