Divemaster Customer Service Workshop

What is the Customer Service Workshop?

This workshop aims to enhance the customer service skills of dive professionals through interactive role-playing exercises. Participants can practice and improve their communication, problem-solving, and empathy skills by simulating real-life scenarios in a safe and supportive environment.

Duration: 2 hours

  • Flipchart or whiteboard
  • Marker Pens
  • Index cards with different customer scenarios (prepared in advance)
  • Props (optional) such as diving equipment, brochures, or customer service tools

Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Welcome participants and explain the purpose of the workshop.
  • Emphasize the importance of customer service in the diving industry and its impact on customer satisfaction and business success.

Customer Service Principles (15 minutes)

  • Discuss key principles of good customer service, including responsiveness, empathy, knowledgeability, and problem-solving.
  • Encourage participants to share their experiences and challenges related to customer service in the diving industry.

Role-Play Guidelines (10 minutes)

  • Explain the guidelines for role-playing exercises:
  • Participants will be divided into pairs or small groups.
  • Each group will receive an index card with a specific customer scenario.
  • One participant will act as the dive professional, and the other(s) will play the role of the customer.
  • Encourage participants to immerse themselves in their roles and respond authentically fully.

Role-Play Scenarios (60 minutes)

  • Distribute the index cards with customer scenarios to each group.
  • Allow participants 10-15 minutes to prepare for their role-play, discussing strategies and approaches.
  • Facilitate the role-plays, ensuring each group has sufficient time to perform.
  • After each role-play, encourage feedback and discussion among participants, focusing on what worked well and areas for improvement.
  • Provide constructive feedback and suggestions for enhancing customer service techniques.

Group Discussion and Reflection (20 minutes)

  • Lead a group discussion to reflect on the role-plays and lessons learned.
  • Ask participants to share their observations, challenges faced, and strategies they found effective during the exercises.
  • Facilitate a conversation on how these skills can be applied in real-life customer interactions in the diving industry.

Action Planning (15 minutes)

  • Have participants individually brainstorm actions they can take to improve their customer service skills based on the workshop learnings.
  • Encourage participants to set specific goals and identify practical steps they can implement daily.

Wrap-up and Conclusion (10 minutes)

  • Summarise the key takeaways from the workshop.
  • Express appreciation for participants’ active participation and commitment to improving their customer service skills.
  • Provide additional resources or references for further learning if available.
Updated on 18 April 2024