Independent Diver Confined Water Dive Skills

Which skills are required to complete the Independent Diver course Confined Water sessions?

For example, mask partial flood comes before mask full flood, and so on. However, the specific timing of when to teach these skill types during Confined Water sessions will depend on the confidence levels of your students and logistical considerations.

Numbered skills in bold must be completed in order. 

Mask Skills Buoyancy Skills Snorkel Skills Equipment Skills Regulator Skills General Skills
1. Partial mask flood and clear 1. BCD inflation and deflation at the surface. 1.Snorkel Clearing Equipment assembly and disassembly (x3) 1. Breathing underwater Equalisation techniques
2. Fully Flooded mask clear 2. Neutral Buoyancy Snorkelling dive Disconnect and reconnect LPI 2. Regulator clearing Predive Check
3. Mask removal and replacement 3. Hover Snorkelling team skills Weight system removal and replacement at the surface 3. Regulator Recovery Controlled descent
4. No mask breathing Snorkel swim Emergency weight drop 4. Alternate Air Source Ascent (donor and receiver) Ascent
5. No mask swim Resecure a loose cylinder band Air depletion Cramp release
BCD removal and replacement at the surface Free flow regulator Tired diver tow
Weight check Snorkel to regulator exchange
Updated on 25 April 2024